TNO Orbital Database

This database contains astrometric, photometric and dynamical information on all characterized objects detected during a series of characterized surveys of Small Bodies of the Outer Solar System. The Canada-France Ecliptic Survey (CFEPS) and the High Ecliptic Latitude survey (HiLat) were conducted at CFHT with MegaPrime for the discovery part and many different facilities for the tracking part (see Kavelaars et al. 2009, AJ, 137, 4917 and Petit et al. 2011, AJ, 142, 131 for meaning of characterized). The Outer Solar System Origin Survey (OSSOS) is conducted essentially at CFHT with MegaPrime for astrometric measurements.

In the following forms, you will have access to various informations about these objects. By default, you will get access to public domain informations, i.e. already published at MPC or elsewhere. Thus you will get access to partial astrometric data for some objects, but not to consolidated data like dynamical classification or orbits. CFEPS and HiLat objects are public domain. To gain access to "private" data, like OSSOS astrometry (as of October 2014), you need to be part of the OSSOS collaboration and to identify yourself with your CADC - aka OSSOS Wiki - credentials. When applicable, you will have the opportunity to select which survey you want to use (field "Survey").

For objects with good orbits (surveys CFEPS, HiLat and OSSOS), you can also specify which dynamical class you are interested in (see Gladman, Marsden and Laerhoven, 2008, in The Solar System beyond Neptune book for explanation of dynamical classification) using field "Dyn. class".

You can access directly from this server some cutouts of the detection images and PSF files, when they have been already downloaded from VOSpace. If you are after a cutout that is not available from this server (different pointing, different size of the cutout, ...), you can use the program get it. Before use it first compile the gwyn module using "make" in "gwyn" directory. It's require a fortran complier. Running this tool also requires you have the Python module "astropy" installed on your system. To get help on how to use the program type "./ --help".

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