Webservice documentation

Access methods

All fonctions of the interface is available from SOAP and REST interfaces.

This database can be used with a SOAP client at http://tnodb.obs-besancon.fr/ws/ws_bdp.wsdl or using REST at http://tnodb.obs-besancon.fr/ws/ .

Available functions

System functions

Database access

Available tables

Format for selection conditions

Surveys available

Used to select survey in "Survey" fields. Names are case sensitive.

NONEObservations not linked to a surveyPublic
CFEPSCanada-France Ecliptic Survey (only tracked objects)
HiLatHigh Ecliptic Latitude survey
MAObservations made by Mike Alexandersen (prototype for OSSOS)
OSSOSthe Outer Solar System Origins Survey (only tracked objects)OSSOS authorisation required at CADC for recent records.


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